emotions are a power strategy that change our character (physically through neuroplasticity)

The Passions and the meaning of life by Robert Solomon
Its basic philosophical premise infleunced by both heidegger and sartre is that "Solomon's basic thesis is: "every emotion is a strategy, a purposive attempt to structure our world in such a way as to maximize our sense of personal dignity and self-esteem." I not only believe it a strategy as in an intentional one, but an unconscious one in the sense of wilson and malcolm gladwell's adaptive unconscious which then turns into FLOW and that mastery of one's emotionsaristotle's nichomachean ethics can establish a new character through conscious decision making and the power of Epigenetics.

It is a power strategy also in that it is an organization of reactions and like the description of a personality order it is pattern-related, this is eventually done enough in our plastic minds to change who we are. this is my idea.

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