Are we late with this? Has the entire global education system put itself into a wild goose chase?

I am overwhelmed with comments at conferences, on blog sites, just about everywhere that we need to get schools into the 21st century! I agree but should we not be there already? The push towards this and the response I, sadly, see from a lot of places would indicate that we are in fact many years away from moving towards this. IT'S 2011 hence we are 11 years into this century already and we are already chasing our tail at a phenomenal rate, how can it be that there are so many ICT tools available out there that are astoundingly able to enhance student learning YET there are still many teachers who cringe when they hear the word "computer".
I believe the primary purpose of a school/ educator/ education system is to best prepare our students for the world they will live in. HOW can we do this when there are so many teachers, schools, education boards etc... that refuse to operate with in the world THEY currently live within

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