Where is the question of sovereignty?

Where is the question of sovereignty? We lose 10% of our budget, to who to what ourselves? Are you purchasing from China and if you are this is where balance plays a role. They obviously need to purchase back from us. You mentioned one state doesn't need to balance it books, but never state why. I'll tell you the likely answer, their writing off deficit. I'm taking a guess but I could be way off base but I guarantee it has a direct link to DC. Washington state would be a nice pick but too obvious.

This allows for a uniform communist approach by indicating we will just write off whatever we want we can open and contract when we want. Getting too far a head in one area? open immigration, create small jobs, contract larger positions. Until someone says you get a house, an Ipod ( a zune) trying to help you out Bill, A car every 6 years, one for the wife, these appliances within this price range and it is expected without making American good simply regulatory products.. No matter how educated we are it will always seem like the wrong is more right, because given these condition in which you kind of contribute by leaving the obvious questions unanswered, for many of us we have to seem wrong to get some right.

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