Why can't the expensive medical services in developed countries be supplied at less expense in developing countries?

medical services for example addiction treatment in developed countries are very expensive compared to developing countries. however, this difference does not always necesserily reflect the difference in the service and medical expertiese. we can develop a system thet help people in developed countries - especially if they ome from the same cultural background of a developing country- can get their medical sevice in a developing country even if we need to do an acreditation of this facility some way or another. this idea can save alot of money especially in specialities that does not need new advanced and expensive technologies and needs long periods of stay like addiction treatment.
for example, one week in a rehabilitation facility in USA can cost in an average 3000 to 4000 $ which will be the cost for a month or more in a first class facility in Egypt for addiction rehabilitation.

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the econics of money varies across countries, i.e technology and resources

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