What's the most dire social issue in the world? How can individuals & mass groups affect change? Can programs be effectively implemented?

I feel like poverty is a huge social issue. I feel like individuals in the position of power are the only individuals that can make an immediate impact. A person with power can influence other people to support their cause. For example, if Oprah issued a challenge to McDonalds, Burger King, Subways ect. and other fast food chains to open restraunts in Africa and to feed the children of Africa for one year; if the challenge is accepted it would be a huge immediate impact on poverty. I do feel like every individual can make a difference. But when you feel like you have no power, or actually have no power then you need to join a group, then the mass of the group will have power. I think that programs can be sucessfully implemented as long as their is support from the public. If more people in the world feel that poverty in Africa is a social issue we can not ignore that the amount of people that decide to turn a blind eye to Africa, then something should be done to help poverty in Africa. If poverty is abolished in Africa, the world will be a better place.

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