What if citizens were able to choose which government agencies their tax money fund?

When paying taxes, each citizen would be able to choose which government department(s) their tax money would fund.

Pros? Cons? Implications?

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That would be nothing short of terrible. Taxes pay for a lot of very necessary programs, and not all of them are popular. Welfare, for example, what tax paying person would choose to contribute to welfare? Only the people who enjoy being robbed to finance food stamps, cigarettes, and lottery tickets. I'm exaggerating, but welfare is just one of many programs that would easily go underfunded. But welfare provides a necessary, meaningful service to some people and choosing where taxes go would amount to robbing and starving the poor and homeless, among others. Additionally, taxes pay for every government employee's salary. So if the military goes underfunded for example, then every service member and the families of America's bravest are going to starve. Taxes cannot be so idealistic because it's much more complicated than that.

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