How do we assign credit for an idea or a level of learning acquired outside of the academic arena?

This issue goes beyond the question of who takes credit for ideas as adults. It affects our children as well. A case in point is my daughter who according the the University of California was ready to start college freshman English at 13 but her high school would not give her credit for her level of achievement. They demanded that she take four years of high school English or four years of college English in order to graduate from high school. For that school, time in the classroom was more important than achievement. Is this what we want? And if it isn't how do we assure that students have reached a level of proficiency before we give them credit?

As we become a society in which people will change jobs more frequently and require additional education and certification, this issue becomes critical.

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Set goals, long-term and short term. If you meet them, you have earned credit for what you have acomplished/learned

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