Ultra Theory is basically a fundamental opening of how things work;and what we can do about them. It's time to innovate differently.

Everyone has access to a pen and paper. So if you are particularly interested in something, you write it down. Recognition has been roaming around the world showing that there are not many ways for people in need to share their information. Ultra Theory is supposed to be a widespread thing, that can share other people's information (with the original author's credit of course). The sharing of information is going to be done by the organizations and programs helping the people in need; such as donating computers. All you have to do, according to the website ultraon is to pick up a pen and paper, and write.
Information theory's purpose is to organize academic subjects. Many people see it is a beautiful entity of organization. The gist of Ultra theory is the innovation of Information theory but taken to another advanced level. This level provides an exception for anyone around the globe to pursue their ideas together, and converse about these subjects of knowledge

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