Get Congressmembers to argue in favor of their opposing viewpoint.

To deal with the polarization of Congress, I propose the idea of starting the process of rational intelligence. I want Congress to set up a rule that forces them to argue in favor of their opposing viewpoint. Democrats argue in favor of Republican positions and Republicans argue in favor of Democrat viewpoints. We must balance our heavily masculine American society with feminine principles.

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That sounds like a ginormous waste of time. If congressmen and women could be persuaded by reason, then they would be without being required to give a speech about the merits of the lesser solution. Congress already wastes enough money and time as it is.

How can arguing in any capacity be labeled feminine? Women are always right, so they never need to argue. Arguing is inherently masculine. In my experience, apologizing for being wrong is also a strictly masculine experience.

But back to being serious, how can arguing in any capacity be assigned a gender label? Arguing is not masculine or feminine by nature. What America needs is people who don't throw around gender labels like superficial greetings.

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