Reject any GMOs

GMOs are not a natural adaptation. They have created a new organism that is not natural, normal, or works in unison with the body. It was developed not for better food, more food, better nutrition, but for better profits. Buy the seeds yearly, no saving seeds, have sliced products into the DNA so the bugs, weeds, etc. don't affect the growth.
This is scary stuff when you realize 98% of soybeans, 90% of corn, 90% of sugar beets are GMO. Look at the obesity rates, they correlate to the rise of GMO. Mainly because they do not provide the nutrients that we need to the cellular level. The jury is in and the conclusion is simple, it is not better for us, yet congress just let Monsanto avoid the FDA to get their products quicker to market. Money talks. There is no lack of blindly following ignorance on this issue.

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