This site changed so much. There's hardly any funny or witty post and that blows.

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It's not aimed at quirky, witty, or imaginative people who want a quick laugh or a site to say hi to a few people. It's now aimed at extremely opinionated people who don't have friends who are willing to listen to them, so they go here.

Plus with the mods changing things NO ONE ASKED TO BE CHANGED OR APPROVED OF, the level of active users heading toward single digits and the sections like "Famous thoughts" and "Questions" It's just not amirite.net (or .com). Honestly, I want the name changed and for there to be an alternative to cater to the old audience. This is a site nearing journalism, not entertainment. At least not to me. This site hasn't even been daily for me like it used to. Now i just come back looking for new things to criticize.

It's a shame.

I can hardly even come back to this website. It makes me so sad. To the owner of the website, change it back to what it WAS, where there was an actual community that had imagination and quirkiness. So many people left and there is hardly a community that can actually connect with each other.

I see a sad sad fate for this website...

I'm sorry. I know the owner of the website has worked hard for this website, but it's just not working. Please go back.

Maybe you should post something funny or witty instead of complaining. Or I guess you can keep on complaining, but the second option won't change anything.

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