It is not worth poor pay to kiss a corrupt boss' ass just to keep your job, amirite?

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You nailed it. I made up my mind at age 19 that life was too short to suck up to bosses just to "get somewhere." I have walked off several jobs on the spot because of bosses who yell and scream at their workers. I was looking for a job when I found the one I have, and I will be looking for another one when I leave this one.

Define kissing ass. I've been accused of it before. I'm a friendly person to everyone, including my boss. Does being friendly mean I'm kissing his ass? Does trying to be the best worker mean I'm just kissing ass? Is it the same for keeping a positive attitude? It kind of disturbs me that some people feel as though anyone who makes it anywhere in life was just kissing someone's ass.

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