Which kitchen appliance best matches your personality?

In all seriousness.

I chose toaster because I like spontaneously popping out from places and I'm warm and stuff, not just in a mammalian sense.

6% Blender/Food Processer 6% Electric beater 11% Oven/Stove 21% Coffee Machine 16% Fridge/Freezer 6% Meat Tenderizer 4% Rice Cooker 1% Kettle 3% Rice Cooker 16% Toaster 9% Other
PopsicleSticks avatar Food & Drink
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Definitely and by far my toaster.

Lens avatar Len Toaster +1Reply
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Have you not walked into the kitchen at night and heard your appliances talking to each other?


This one time I put a name tag on my toaster, I spent the whole day telling John knock-knock jokes and tried to hook him up with the extension cord. I think he had a near death experience on the way to see her.

Lens avatar Len Toaster +2Reply

I'm a refrigerator,
I am cool and I keep things fresh ;)

Gavins avatar Gavin Fridge/Freezer +1Reply

Electric beater. Because we both cause abusive relationships

Jonesys avatar Jonesy Electric beater +1Reply

Microwave, fast and simple

Knife sharpener.

Can some of you explain your reasoning? I want to vote on this, but I can't figure out why I'd be a certain kitchen appliance.

Did anybody notice that rice cooker is on there twice? Are there two different kinds? And I agree with rilara. I want to vote but don't know how.

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