Defund the government entirely. It is time to tell "King George Obama" to shove it. Amirite?

Obama is out spending more of OUR money - hardworking taxpayer money. He is golfing and spending like there is no tomorrow. Many Americans have quit taking vacations because of high gas prices and no extra money to enjoy a good time. The new term now for the average citizen is "staycation" - staying at home and acting like you are vacationing! What a crock. We have actually convinced ourselves that it is perfectly ok for our president and those on the hill to live like royalty, while we peasants grovel in the dirt to eek out an existence!
Whenever we have had enough of being treated like tyrants and the lowest of the low class, maybe we will UNITE, and tell our government enough is enough. There are far more of US than there are of THEM.

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Well said. But supposedly the PEOPLE are in power and control over what happens. A majority of citizens want it changed, but it never changes.
If people want smaller government and a balanced budget, then the people ought to have it. It does not require more taxes, it requires a government being responsible and accountable.

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