There are two teenage boys that live down the street who have been very mischievous lately. They come over to our house to play basketball with our hoop all the time without asking. They have came as early as 5 in the morning to as late as 9 at night. My mom and my dad have asked them to leave nicely many times especially past 8 pm and they go away but we either find them playing an hour later or we find trash on our driveway the next morning. Once my mom even found them on the side of our house crouching down looking through a window. Also, there have been reports in my neighborhood that late at night people have come and banged loudly on peoples doors and ran off and everyone is almost sure it is them. My neighbors have also been complaining about them skateboarding on their driveways at a very late hour. We are considering telling the parents of the teenagers, but we have had this conversation with them before in the past years and it is no use. She just answers in a " boys just being boys" type of attitude. So thats no help. What should me, my family, and my neighbors do? please respond.

Don't know what to say to these teenage boys who are doing all this bad crap to our neighborhood and neighbors

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Scare them.

Get a camera (actually several) to document what they are doing, and then call the cops and have them talk with the parents. These kids are trespassing on private property.

Get yourself a very large undocumented dog with a history of eating assholes.

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