There's a reason I hate when gay celebrities or people in the public eye "come out", not because they've accepted who they believe they are, but because it dominates headlines for days and every gay rights org and their mother has to issue a statement like it's life altering for the 300 million people in the USA. News flash, it's not. Your personal life, no one but you, your friends and your family needs to know. Quit airing your personal life to the public eye.

This post, by the way, was inspired by the WWE Superstar Darren Young (pictured) "coming out".

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What I have observed is that they mostly all wait UNTIL they are famous and have plenty of money BEFORE coming out. That is the trend that seems to be more frequent than not. The way I personally take that is it is kind of like they know that many people will not approve of their coming out, so they play it safe until they know they are completely set. One of the clearest examples to me was Clay Aiken from American Idol. When he first started, he projected the image of super Christian, wore the WWJD bracelet (What Would Jesus Do), and worked with disabled children. He gained his status throughout the season, developed a huge following, and took second place on his season. He cut an album right away, gained huge momentum by doing Broadway, did a Christmas album, and has done very well. As he reached a nice high point in his career, THEN he came out and let everyone know he was gay.
I don't care if anyone is gay, and that is their thing - but it seems almost like they use the fame and success to get what they want FIRST before letting everyone in on their little secret.

When you're famous your life is going to be aired to the public eye no matter what. You might as well come out to the public to help people relate to homosexuals more and more homosexuals comfortable with who they are and so on, you might as well use the attention for something good, you know?

It's not like hearing about their steroid usage is going to be more interesting or something. Their homosexuality's not replacing some amazing and interesting headline or something.

Also I have no idea if they're on steroids or something like that, I just think that's a stereotypical news story in regards to athletes.

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@Len When you're famous your life is going to be aired to the public eye no matter what. You might as well come out to...

You're obviously interested in the topic, OP, care to tell me where I'm wrong and/or where you disagree instead of only silently down voting?

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@TrueCRaysball I could but I'd be talking upon dead ears. Not worth my time.

Dead ears? Where are you getting that idea? Seems more like you're the one not willing to listen since you aren't even willing to explain your position further to someone who disagrees even when they show genuine interest to your ideas. Get a grip.

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