Why can't we have our own, original, religions, instead of having to choose out of ones we may not like?

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You can.

I like to think of it like this: Theist : Artist :: Belief : Style
I'm not talking about everyone, I now some people are happy with their religions. I'm just talking about the people who are a bit uncomfortable with every religion.

If you are sharp enough to formalize the teachings of the religion you want, and you believe you can get people to believe and follow it - then you are more than free and welcome to start one. Nobody is stopping you.

you can do whatever you want
but it may not be recognized as an official religion

and does it matter if it's recognized as long as you believe?
I don't think it does

Suddenly I feel really stupid :P

@PizzaChair Suddenly I feel really stupid :P

Maybe that is the answer........a religion of ignorance! LOL. No offence.

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