I'm scared of making an account on this site because I don't want to become a judgmental jerk. Not that you people are judgmental jerks. I'm sure you're all very nice people. Some of you might be trolls, but trolls are people too. But anyway... this is an opinion site thing... So here's my opinion. That leads to nowhere. Ok. Bye.

35% Let's be Judgmental Pricks Together!!!! *laughs and skips off into sunset* 19% You already sound judgmental to me. 12% What's wrong with being judgmental? *evil laugh* 12% Here's a random option for your random option needs 23% Other
hahahahaNOs avatar Jokes & Humour
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Welcome to the site. We're really a nice group of people jolly smilie We all just come from different walks of life so theirs many different opinions about many controversial things.

BlindMists avatar BlindMist What's wrong with being judgmental? *evil laugh* +3Reply

Being a judgmental prick is fun! You should try it some time.

Lens avatar Len Let's be Judgmental Pricks Together!!!!... 0Reply

You are a complete ass.Guilty as charged.

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