Others can't be better than you. They can be equal or below you, if they choose to put themselves in that category. (morally)

For a person with low self esteem, is this a good way to give them incite to have healthy and high confidence without causing narcissism? It's good to have high confidence, but remain grounded and have an equal mindset to others.

Everyone is unique, different, and brings diversity into society. I believe everyone should be seen equal (morally) and deserves to feel good about themselves, while acknowledging diversity. I think that people with low self esteem put themselves in a place where they believe they are worth less than others when they're really not.

Would this be effective? Does this cover both issues correctly to encourage highly confident but equal mindset, and discourage narcissism?

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For clarification, I know obviously anyone can be better than you, skillfully and in talent, or be better looking. That's not what I mean. I mean your self worth and value as a person.

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I would like see some kind of reasoning for your vote as well if you could provide it. I've left my explanation open to discuss why you would agree or disagree.

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