Showing country flag on a post is a bit discrimination. After all, a thought is independent of a caste, creed, country and religion.

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The purpose was just to show how many different countries have people using this site.

Really it just says "This is were this is being said! Isn't that cool!?"

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This is where people do over-judgement. A thought should be rectified by its meaning only and not by its author's name, caste, etc.

I like the flag idea in general but OP has a valid point.

If we didn't have that people would I was an American speaking about them all the time. But I am a proud Canadian so I'd like everyone to know.

It isn't entirely independent. Different cultures view things differently due to how they are brought up and their values. Every culture is different, so depending on where they're from, would influence how they feel about something.

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But the country flag on your bio is an OPTION - not a requirement. If you were forced to display it, I would agree. If you are not proud of the country you are from, then don't display yours. MOST people are proud of where they are from.

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