What are peoples' opinions on make up? Why do you (or do you not) use it? How does it make you feel?

I personally feel that it is just a mask that hides the imperfections that make us who we are. I don't have nice skin or the nicest looking face... but it is the face I was born with and I feel like that means something. I don't want to cover my face with make up because I think it is just hiding something that is an essential part of what I am. That is what I feel anyway. Also, I am not in anyway saying that people who do wear make up are doing something wrong or hiding something about themselves. I am merely curious about others' feelings on this subject.

16% I need it to leave the house 14% I hate it 47% I use it sometimes 22% Other
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For me, it's like wearing a new piece of art, everyday, so you can showcase it to the world. It makes me feel grownup and more confident in the way I look. No, I don't need it at all. But I enjoy it. Its fun for me, and if it's not bringing much joy in your life, then you don't have to wear it. I guess it's like an aquired taste; baby steps first.
My mother always told me that it was to enhance your natural beauty, not to make yourself into something that your not. For me, it's like shaving your legs, combing your hair nicely, wearing flattering clothes etc. You totally do not have to do it, you just look a bit more put together, more clean.
As Becky from Full House said, "You want to make it look like you're not wearing any." Again, just enhancing your natural beauty. Putting on a slab of the rainbow is going to far in my opinion (unless your doing it for a costume or something).

I like makeup. Wearing makes me feel more confident and beautiful. But I don't wear much of it and I don't wear it everyday.

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I like flaws, they are real. Make up makes people look fake. If people are into anime or plastic dolls I get that, give me a real human any day, they can keep their airbrushed absurdities, a person who is unashamed of their blemishes is secure, and sexy.

There are very few women who look better with makeup. Even fewer men.

I wear a little eyeliner. I do full make up for special occasions.

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I just do eyeliner and enough cover-up to make my more noticeable acne scars less noticeable. I used to put on eye shadow but figured it was useless because my eyelids are already purple.

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I feel a lot better about myself when I wear makeup and I genuinely enjoy putting it on and trying new things. I don't think it makes a person fake. I can go out in public without it but I prefer how I look when I am wearing makeup.

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I don't feel the need for it, actually. My husband says Ihave beautiful eyes and I've got good skin.

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I don't feel the need for it, actually. My husband says Ihave beautiful eyes and I've got good skin.

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Im still on wearing my wifes panty phase...havnt yet raided her make up drawer

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