Mind blow = the perspective of evolution: 4.6 billion years for the earth; 3.6 billion years for the first "life" (proteins); 200,000 years for humans. On a timeline, if human's existence was one inch, those first "cells" would be 57,000 miles away. Dinosaurs would be 4,700 miles away. The "monkeys" that we evolved from, 800 miles away. We, humans, have been here for 1-inch. One INCH! One freaking inch. We need to get over ourselves.

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Great comment. And write books, record our own history, write music.....and we train and teach the animals - they don't train us.


evolution is just random, and it happened to make the most OP creature ever... intelligence seems to be the supreme trait, put together several intelligent people, and their abilities will decuple.

And the next inch is completely unpredictable...
Oh, brace yourselves my friends, for the singularity is coming soon >:]

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Don't feel insignificant, in the past ten years alone we have made incredible leaps in technology that were not even thought possible before. You are living in the time when things are happening, my friend!

I think some of us need to get under ourselves

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