No one will believe this now, & I don't blame you. But God showed me a sign that the RAPture will be on Sept 9th. Wut up, Brethren? About 9 yrs ago, while I had just gotten back to my cell from prison Church (I was doing 2 yrs at the time), I felt that God told me to marry my current wife Grace and also, I should rap. I tried super hard to rap, was really into punchlines like everyone else, but it went nowhere. After 6 or 7 yrs I started to believe I had just told myself I should rap and it wasn't God, but deff held on a lil that I was still to rap somehow. Turns out the Bible's prophecies are written the exact same way rap punchlines & stuff are. Watch these 2 vids(in this order) to c why I first thought the RAPture would coincide with the Feast of Trumpets, and also it talks a lot about signs in the end times. http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5dyEnZFu0w 1st vid http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv7KL6EuxEg 2nd vid Everyone gonna be thinking right now "the Bible says no one knows the day or hour". Wrong, Homies! Multiple translations say that, but the literal Hebrew translation says "that day and the hour no one hath known". I don't know the day and the hour, just the day. If it translated to "day OR hour" I'd be against the Word. All I ask is that when the rapture happens on the 9th, please watch these vids on the Alien deception. It's about the Nephilim and Catholics and stuff. The Aliens people are seeing are Demons and I think they're gonna introduce them as Aliens. http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zz8_MxcnzY http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EbhHRxmLrA

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Sept. 9th rapture

That's actually really interesting, I guess we'll see

What a jumbled up mess. And Christians wonder why educated non believers have no interest in God or the Bible.

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