This 107 year old man must have been a super hero to require an entire SWAT team to kill him.

The police nowadays make sure that any person they are after is made to look like a serious threat to them. That way, they are entitled to use deadly force to resolve the conflict. I find it extremely difficult to believe that there was not any other way to apprehend a 107 yr. old.
Yes, the man fired some shots, but they could have taken him another way with careful planning and execution. This story just struck me as a bunch of bullies ganging up on an old man. It does not require an entire team of law enforcement to subdue one elderly person. If it really and truly does, then this proves how inept law enforcement actually is.

SWAT team kills 107-year-old Arkansas man in shootoutPolice say Monroe Isadore had pointed a weapon at them, and refused to surrender; he had been alone in a bedroom during shootouthttp://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57601870/swat-team-kills-107-year-old-arkansas-man-in-shootout/
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Old guys can be crazy and determined as hell. My grandpa was missing a leg and got around on crutches all the time and he climbed a tree with a chainsaw to get an abandoned beehive.

If the gas was already in the room, why did they bust in to shoot him? Wouldn't he have been unconscious in a few minutes. It sure looks like you're right, though I really hate to admit it.

Although I think you meant super villain.

grrrrr..seen that one on 4029 news...really must have been holding something more than a pistol. Maybe an AR-15 the SWAT was using , grrrr.

I can't find a picture of the guy anywhere. I wanted to see if he was in a wheelchair. How much movement and senses could he have had at that age? He very likely could have been deaf and could not have heard their demands. He had 1 pistol. They could have tasered him or let him shoot all of his bullets out. He obviously was not a good shot because he did not hit an officer.
The story is unbelievable.

@freespeechfreelancer I can't find a picture of the guy anywhere. I wanted to see if he was in a wheelchair. How much movement and senses...

Still, he could have gotten lucky. A taser needs proximity, and its dumb to go near a gun for that- it'd probably kill him, too. And the more bullets he shoots, the likelier someone is to die, so that's also a bad plan. They went with gas for a reason, because it was smart. The only question is why they shot him anyways, when the gas had already been used. Maybe they thought he was out cold, rushed in, and he started firing and they shot back because it was too late to retreat. Accidents happen.

It's possible, and I'd rather he die than any officer. In fact, that could easily be it. If they went in before it took effect, or something. All it takes is to underestimate him.

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