What is longer than a 'mile'?

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I was going to write this, haha!

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Four. I came to answer that.

Literally millions of things

The list of people in line to say "2 miles"

I'm assuming that you were looking for "smile"


google miles

A mile and a foot.

Without looking at the comments to see if it's been said: Two miles.

Two miles

THREE miles !
Did I just win ?

Compilation of all answers:
Most words in the dictionary
2 miles
3 miles
A lightyear
1 mile + 1 very small unit of measurement.
A googol* miles

And my (the correct) answer:
An infinite amount of things

my tax return.

My dick

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@My dick

Keep telling yourself that.

1E-100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 MILES

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