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I talk about porn with my dude friends sometimes. They're chill with it.

Girls, however, never say anything about it to eachother. Which I find odd. I know girls watch it, but it never comes up in conversation.

BuddyCakess avatar BuddyCakes it's because maybe they're scared +1Reply
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are you catholic?

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is there a reason why for Catholics, anything sexual is a shame while contraception is not?

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what type of catholics think sex and contraception is shameful?

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damnnn!!!! at least things are changing

I think that

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because they're ashamed
it's not something people advertise in public
at least most don't

it's disgusting
it objectifies humans
it contributes to the sex slave/human trafficking problem

it's taboo
it's forbidden

there are countless reasons

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People can talk about anything they want. If you want to talk about porn, start talking.

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