How do you feel about the treatment of people opposing gay marriage?

I am in no way trying to start an argument about something everyone has heard about and yelled about a million and a half times. I am curious as to peoples' thoughts on the treatment of people opposing gay marriage.

I believe that everyone should have equal rights, and that is my opinion. I get angry and ashamed when people think that homosexuals are morally wrong, however, I feel no need to yell at them. I feel no need to call them names, or ignorant, or demoralize them for their beliefs. I realize that homosexuals are sometimes killed or kill themselves for others' words and actions. But does that justify doing the same things back? Would I be justified if I bullied someone who didn't believe in equality for all people to the point they killed themselves? I want people to believe as they see fit so long as it doesn't interfere with other people's lives. You can disagree with something; you have every right to not like something. It doesn't mean you can stop people from doing something, but it doesn't mean I can slander you for your opinions either.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I really wanted to state how I felt about the subject. What are your opinions on this? Do we (who believe in equality for all) have the right to batter (verbally or physically) people who don't feel the same way? Do you (who believe in something different) have the right to just stop (through words or actions) a section of society from living as they wish?

Please, please, please, understand that I don't want arguments. I am not trying to make anyone mad. I am very curious as to how people feel about being able to express their opinions without some huge backlash in regards to human equality. If it makes you angry, don't comment. If you can present an opinion objectively I would love to hear it.

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I feel that we should still be treated like we're human

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I made that comment before the long debate we had

I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this opinion should not be expressed openly if its intention is to harm. Education of different sides is okay though.
But to answer your question, I do think that people who hurt anyone because of some trivia about their life is not okay.

If they wish to not agree with gay marriage, then they can do that, but when they're hurting people in any way, whether it be physical emotional or mental, they should be stopped. I believe everyone has their own opinion, and if they wish to not like gay marriage, they're entitled to that. However they should not actively try to stop it, because other peoples' lives aren't their responsibility nor their business. If it's a religious matter, then it should be disregarded entirely as invalid. Religion doesn't dominate over everyone, and saying religion is stopping the nonreligious from getting married is just ridiculous.

They are entitled to their opinion.

As long as they are not expressing it in a rude, violent, discriminatory manner than they are fine.

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Killing homosexuals and simply being against gay marriage are two entirely different things. Many people who are against gay marriage simply have a different view of marriage and they don't all hate gays.

It, it just sucks

the psychiatric treatment?


Depends on how he or she opposes it. Accusations of mental illness, child molestation, drug abuse, met with the scorn and ridicule it deserves.

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treating them poorly just pushes them towards like minded people because that is who they find comfort with
(those people aren't treating them poorly)

it (poor treatment) doesn't really solve much
it isn't gonna persuade them to your side
it can actually strengthen their discriminatory views

two wrongs don't make a right fits perfectly here
just adding fuel to the fire
just adding to the problem

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I didn't say you have to be nice
but being nice helps

since when are being nice and a pushover the same thing?
there's a fine line there

I didn't say tiptoe and accept their view either

I'm talking about poor treatment

it's not about them thinking "you're mean"
it's that poor treatment is not productive or helpful

I know firsthand that aggressiveness doesn't work

I've said this before on here
I've changed at least two racist views without aggressiveness

when I used aggression
people became more belligerent
and refused to hear what I have to say

when I didn't use aggression
there was a smaller chance of them becoming irrational
and a smaller chance of my words becoming twisted around

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I guess

but if it's not the majority doing it
it's not gonna work

if the majority agreed
the problem would be much smaller

the majority don't really agree with this issue
do they?
it's split down the middle I would say

depending on the person
being nice does lead to listening better

I listen better when people are nice

I'm more rational when people are nice

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where I'm at
it's pretty evenly split
even among the young

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