Can You Guess What kind of baby I am?

I am warm blooded, I am born without hair, I multiply quickly when I am an adult.

14% Puppy? 25% Chinchilla? 5% Hamster? 25% Bunny? 7% Hedgehog? 24% Other
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I picked "other" because that picture is too hard to see.


it has the :3 shaped face

probably wrong though since it's not even an option


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I am unsure of the reproductive differences in cloven hooved animals, but I am left to assume this fetus belongs to the cattle/deer relations. The clues lead me to think otherwise, so it is confusing me.

The only answer is alien

@hannahsan human?

Humans do have hair at birth.

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My best guess is cow. Although it is a fetus, not a baby.

Google tells me I am correct.

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