I would pay an extra $20/week car insurance for the privilege to run over crazy people who walk and text in the middle of parking lots and then get mad when they are almost hit. I don't believe this should be a jail-able offence, but a public service to others and letters of commendation should be publicly posted.

Who really cares what or why you are at Wal-Mart...really? Too many times we have come so close and it isn't even a big town. Small children are allowed to run and parents are glued to the phones. It's nuts.

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My wife and I talk about people who walk/drive and text all the time. I wish there was a device available that would allow me to zap a person who is texting while driving or render their phone useless for a short time period. I have had more close calls by people texting and driving than anything else. Just last week, a guy ran a stop sign coming off a side street turning on to the main street I was on. Had I not been looking closely, and swerved, I would have been broad sided. He had his phone in his hand texting and never saw me. Of course I honked and gave him the bird, but alot of good any of that does if I had been hit and killed.

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