It is undoubtedly foolish to reject knowledge greater than your own, and AN argument be made not to question knowledge in every source that exists is more foolish. Every person WITHOUT disability POSSESSES free will and can speak, act, believe as they so choose. But as different cultures and areas maintain THEIR own set consequences, gives an illusion of control making civilizations herds of cattle. It can only be explained as fear. The most powerful emotion humans have at THEIR disposal. Fear makes humans survive. It makes us slaves and most of all fear makes lots of money. Word of nuclear strike has in the past inspired A LOT of creative, expensive survival TACTICS. Its no lie, war makes money for those wealthy ENOUGH to invest in conflict and only cost unfortunate people who have no choice but to participate in conflict. Patriotism is a word that GUILT'S a PERSON'S pride, killing for profits and is a false SENSE of security for people BLINDED from poverty offered. Nothing but opportunity to BECOME a member of "patriots" taking orders from greedy thugs in offices, payed to make freedoms SEEM real and take away the freedoms that still grant power to the only group who really have power. The group who has power, is population numbers if all humanity FIGHTS for the same cause. Failing is impossible but the only reason that will never happen is...BECAUSE...EVERYONE CHOOSES what success, individually, by THEIR own free will. So... sadly and ironically your freewill is why you can't be free what is right and wrong with freewill?

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because i wrote it

Revolution anyone????

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