Classic OBAMA: doing what he does best because it is all he knows how to do - blame Republicans for HIS failures! Amirite?

This charlatan just can't get it right no matter how hard he tries. He spent a few moments lamenting the victims right in his back yard, and then went off on a budget rampage. Obamacare is HIS baby and he wants to go down in history as being the one to take full credit for something "historic" and "epic" [2 of his favorite over killed words].
Companies continue cutting back on employee hours and making them part time status - thus avoiding the obligation of paying the exorbitant increases set to hit the fan. Systematically, he is eliminating the middle class and making it impossible for them to make a living. This forces the poor to reach out to and depend on Nanny Government for sustenance. The rich, meanwhile, continue paying off the man who said he was going to put an end to the "ruling class."

Amid hunt for Navy Yard shooters, Obama attacks Republicans on budgetPresident Obama delivered only brief condolences for the victims of the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. Monday morning, before quickly pivoting to a scheduled attack on Republicans.http://dailycaller.com/2013/09/16/amid-hunt-for-navy-yard-shooters-obama-attacks-republicans-on-budget/
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It's not just Obama. It's politicians on both sides.

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I'm surprised to see that this is in the positives. I actually just wrote a poem for my government class that is somewhat about this.

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@freespeechfreelancer Is it anything you care to share?

The assignment was the paper could be anything that started with 'In America, power is..."
I wrote a sarcastic poem. The main theme was "In America the power lies with me, because I have a government that gives things for free" and so on. The pint was that the people don't have power if they do not know what they are voting for, much like how many people do not look into the details of 'free' things like ObamaCare.

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Can we agree to blame everyone here?

Both parties have opposing views, and because of that there is a deadlock, allowing both parties to blame one another for not complying. It's a pretty simple situation.

The country has been in relatively bad shape for the last 3 or 4 presidents. The situation is bad enough that one president cannot fix it. That's why all of the recently elected presidents have been in alternating parties. The people just blame the president for what's going wrong in the country, and think that the other party can do better. When that fails, the people blame that party and move back to the first.

@speckleasme Can we agree to blame everyone here? Both parties have opposing views, and because of that there is a deadlock...

I ONLY beat up especially on Obama because of all the promises he made and has NOT delivered. He has told so many lies that it is very hard to keep up with all of them.
I don't blame parties, because the parties are pretty much worthless. A Commander in Chief is supposed to lead by word and deed. Obama talks a big game, but never gets around to delivering. And he never takes responsibility or accountability for anything he fails at. He spends his time blaming anything and everything except himself.
Have you heard the names he and Harry Reid are calling the Tea Partiers and Republicans? Both of these men should be fired TODAY!

@freespeechfreelancer I ONLY beat up especially on Obama because of all the promises he made and has NOT delivered. He has told so many...

You can't fire the president. You can impeach him, but that's not gonna happen. Every single president in history has made promises they can't keep, it's called campaigning.

@speckleasme You can't fire the president. You can impeach him, but that's not gonna happen. Every single president in history...

So you obviously have no trouble siding with liars and cheats. Good for you. Tells us a lot about yourself.

And for you teenagers who pay no taxes and still live at home on your parent's dime, PLEASE do not lecture or insult me with your ignorance of how you think or feel things work. Those of us trying to make a living and just pay our bills are getting slammed already by this jackass's policies. My employer just notified me that my insurance amount that I pay in to even have insurance will double on October 1. January 1 of this year, my Social Security and FICA taxes doubled [in spite of his promises that Obamacare would not raise taxes or insurance costs] . My wife was just contacted last week by Social Security, and they told her that since she has not been employed since 1998, and has no insurance under me, that she will have to show proof of being insured by October, or we will be fined $5,000! We have no way of affording insurance for her, so now we will be punished by a Federal mandate forced upon us.
THAT is what is happening to Americans all across this country right now because of an egotistical maniac's desire to destroy something and act like he knows what he is doing. He does not have a clue and never will.

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I have not received an added anything. It is all take away a little more here, and a little more there. I have to somehow do the same things I need to do to survive on less. If the city I am employed by decides to cut all employee hours to 30 hours or less like so many businesses and companies have already done, then your insurance by employer is completely dropped, and you personally have to go out and purchase your own insurance at full cost. Well over 200 companies have already cut their employee's hours to part time status. All of these people have to go out and try to find a second part time job just to have the same income they had at the one job. And they still have no insurance. If you don't purchase insurance, then you will be fined heavily. The whole thing is one of the biggest scams ever imposed upon the American people.

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That is an understatement. I have been following this topic since its inception, and it is beyond a train wreck. At least the media is starting to cover it to some extent. I think it will unravel and self destruct - in spite of Obama's wishes and bullying.

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