The currently heavily scrutinized song "blurred lines" has been blown out of proportion.

It's no different than the majority of sexualized crap top 40 music. There's no rape, degradation of women, sexism etc. Women are not victims; there's many examples in media where a woman is seducing an apprehensive male. It's starting to get ridiculous at how far people take this accusing everything of being sexism game, so much that it actually trivializes real problems regarding this issue. The only thing this song is guilty of is being another generic, boring, uninspired, bullshit pop song. There I said it... feel free to comment on how you think I'm wrong.

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Personally, I think the only thing wrong with it is that Robin Thicke explicitly said he made the song with the intention of making fun of women. I think making fun of anyone purposefully is an asshole move.

Other than that, I don't really think the song is degrading or rapey or anything of the sort. Women love to argue that just because one woman says something does not mean it is true for all women. And that's absolutely true! But the same women try to speak for all women when they say that women dressed revealingly are being exploited and degraded. That is not true. There's nothing intrinsically degrading about the video. One of the main women featured in it claimed it was liberating and empowering. But no, let's just keep trying to tell her that she should feel taken advantage of.

And the whole "no-verbal consent = no consent" idea is total crap in my mind. Humans have been around for six or seven million years, and spoken language hasn't existed for a single percent of that time. So for 99% of our existence, we've managed to non-verbally communicate consent. Body language is a thing that ACTUALLY communicates various ideas.

And here's my BIGGEST problem with the opposition of the song: The biggest opponent that women denouncing "blurred lines of consent" are women who actively create blurred lines. Why do we expect men to just up and stop having sex with women who don't explicitly verbally consent when SO MANY WOMEN are perfectly willing to demonstrate that no verbal consent doesn't necessarily mean no consent? Actions speak louder than words. Society is actively trying to disprove a concept that society makes oh-so-valid. It's like a parent who smokes trying to teach their kid not to smoke.

@Mike_Hawk Personally, I think the only thing wrong with it is that Robin Thicke explicitly said he made the song with the...

Fun fact: Verbal communication only makes up 7%. The other 93% is tone, gestures, facial expressions, and so on.

Well he pretty much stole the instrumental from Marvin Gaye, the song is stupid in terms of what its about, the music video is absolutely horrible... The only thing going for it is that Pharrell is awesome and Robin is a good singer.

@Why the disagree then? I said the song was stupid in my explanation.

I didn't read that. I don't think it's out of proportion.

The media has to have SOMETHING to latch on to and bash on. They chose this.

Wow, I haven't favorited a post in maybe a year.

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