Non-vegetarians: We know animals bred for human consumption live in wretched conditions. Most of us would not be able to treat an animal so cruelly ourselves. This is not only because we "lack the stomach" to do such things, but also because we find such cruelty immoral. Yet we still eat meat. Having other people do your dirty work seems a bit contemptible, even cowardly. At least in this situation it does, amirite?

I am a meat eater myself, and I could certainly kill an animal to survive. That is not the issue being brought forth in this post. Rather, I am referring only to how we turn a blind eye to this particular form of animal cruelty.. We are willful ignorant.

Consuming meat, dairy, and eggs and claiming to be against animal cruelty is contradictory.StickCaveman said: It has never been suggested that a lot of meat is good for a person but that doesn't mean it's bad to eat it in small portions, providing you eat plenty of fruit and veggies.http://www.amirite.com/771096-consuming-meat-dairy-and-eggs-and-claiming-to-be-against-animal-cruelty-is-contradictory/1943840
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I eat meat
but I get the halal kind

and halal meat is pretty easy to find in the urban areas of NY

"With the halal method of slaughter, there was not change in the EEG graph for the first three seconds after the incision was made, indicating that the animal did not feel any pain from the cut itself. This is not surprising. Often, if we cut ourselves with a sharp implement, we do not notice until some time later. The following three seconds were characterised by a condition of deep sleep-like unconciousness brought about by the draining of large quantities of blood from the body. Thereafter the EEG recorded a zero reading, indicating no pain at all, yet at that time the heart was still beating and the body convulsing vigorously as a reflex reaction of the spinal cord. It is this phase which is most unpleasant to onlookers who are falsely convinced that the animal suffers whilst its brain does actually no longer record any sensual messages."

"The Halal Slaughter Controversy: Do Animal Rights activists protect the sheep or the Butcher?"


by the way
I'm not acting self righteous or anything like that

it's just that we have halal options nearby at McDonalds

and people who don't know what they're talking about want to get rid of that option
saying it's inhumane blah blah blah
even though they haven't done the research and are pretty ignorant about the topic of slaughter

they just wanna believe what they want without looking at the facts
they're okay with the other options on the menu which treats the animal cruelly
but they're not okay with the halal options where the animals' welfare is taken into consideration
makes no sense to me

maybe they're afraid of the different?
or maybe they just need to learn more about something before protesting it
I don't know

it's just annoying that a select few/couple of individuals always want to throw a fit whenever any accommodation is made for a Muslim

@fuzala I eat meat but I get the halal kind and halal meat is pretty easy to find in the urban areas of NY "With the...

I had not heard of that controversy, but I believe it's fear of the different - the unknown.

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Could I kill an animal that I would eat? Yes. Do I know how those animals are raised? Yes. Do I still eat meat? Yes.

I don't see why people always have to be so involved in others' lives. I don't care if there's a "healthier alternative" to meat, I want the actual meat. If I could choose to give farm animals better lives, I would definitely do so, but I'm not going to stop eating meat. I live in a relatively big city, so I can't go out and hunt my own meat. If I could, I would, but I can't.

If you want to not eat meat, go right on ahead. I have no right to tell you you're wrong, because in all honestly you have as many rights and reasons to not eat meat as I do to eat meat. All I ask is you let us get on with our lives, and we'll let you get on with your life. Nothing you say will convince me to change my diet, so don't bother.

If anyone wants to try to argue with me about this, go ahead, I'll take you on. As long as you can converse in a civil manner and look at both sides of the issue, I'll happily do the same.

@LeyTheFlea Could I kill an animal that I would eat? Yes. Do I know how those animals are raised? Yes. Do I still eat meat?...

I think that one can still eat meat
just eat meat in places where they treat animals better

since you live a big city
there might be a bigger chance of finding certain places that sell meat that come from farms that treat their animals better
maybe a google search could help you get started

some farms have become mass producers of meat
they do atrocious things to animals
like putting them to excruciating pain
not just while killing them
but from the time they are born

all to produce things cheaply

but not all farms are like that
I got a pamphlet that said just by reducing meat intake by half can help stop the cruelty

and if that's not an option for you
you could try the google search thing

for myself
we have a nearby grocery that sells halal meat to take care of stuff like that

@fuzala I think that one can still eat meat just eat meat in places where they treat animals better since you live a big...

More often than not when my relatives go hunting they bring me their meat, most often Elk, and I prefer that over store bought. I am not in the position to make decisions for my family, because I am not the parent, so where my meat comes from isn't my choice. My parents get what's cheapest.

I watched a video on the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses, and that's something I admit I cannot unsee. If I could buy from local farms with better treatment of animals I definitely would. Factories do despicable things, but I have no power to change them.

I don't wish to reduce my meat intake, because I already eat it only once or twice a week, if that. It's because my body can't handle large amounts of food, and I refuse to take protein supplements, so I need larger quantities of protein in small amounts of food. My family eats it more than I do, so my household isn't totally clean from committing to the meat industry. Even if I chose to not eat it, my family would still get the same amount, and the meat would end up going to waste.

I appreciate the advice, and if I wanted to go vegetarian, I would, but I just don't want to. It's not because I have no morality, it's because of the food intake I mentioned earlier.

@LeyTheFlea More often than not when my relatives go hunting they bring me their meat, most often Elk, and I prefer that over...

I really like meat so I wouldn't consider being a vegetarian

unless I lived in some society that had only pork meat
or maybe if I didn't have that grocery store nearby

I'd probably just end up eating a lot of fish

I could kill a cow. Why don't I? Because the meat is supplied for me in the store. There's no reason for me to.

There's no denying that there are factory farms raising animals in "cruel" conditions but you should always keep in mind that not every factory farm is like that and not every farm is a factory farm. There are still plenty out there who keep their cows in good shape because an abused cow in poor health doesn't bring much money at the stock yards. Source: The farms of my family members and of many people in my county.

Nahhhhh. I like meat. Meat tastes good. I wouldn't be able to kill a cow, because I'd probably grow some sort of emotional bond with those big, longing eyes. But I'm not gonna deny that meat tastes good. And if meat is in front of me, and it doesn't LOOK like a cow-it just looks like beef-like food, heck I'm not associating that with a life. I'm associating that with the imminent feelings of UTTER satisfaction as those beef juices run through my tastebuds.

The "humane" or "inhumane" treatment of animals is NOT why we do or do not eat meat. We eat meat to survive and because we are meat eaters. Lots of people consider hunting cruel and horrible - and yet humans have hunted for food as long as they have existed. As has already been pointed out, if you live in a big city, you don't farm or go hunting. You go to the store to purchase your groceries. Those who live on farms or in rural areas still grow vegetables, milk cows, get fresh eggs from their hens, and kill what beef and pork they need for eating.
The animals being raised specifically for eating are not pets, therefore, the emotional or cruelty aspect should not be part of the issue.

Marketing at its finest helps people not to see it, and as long as people do not wish to see it, it will remain in the dark..

Yes, I agree. And if I had to do it myself, I'm pretty sure I'd starve or become complete vegan.

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I could kill my own meat if it was the only way to get it, personally. I don't deny we should have animals treated better before their slaughter, of course. That change comes from lobbying, though. Not from declining to eat meat.

I eat meat and dont actively slaughter my food i also eat vegetables and don't grow my own lettuce ive never built a bridge but drive over them regularly do you own a plane or can u fly to

If we do not find killing human fetuses "immoral" or "cruel," how in the world would people possibly view the killing of animals for consumption such? Instead of a woman using a "coat hanger" to do it herself, she now goes to a "respectable" doctor to do the dirty work for her.

@freespeechfreelancer If we do not find killing human fetuses "immoral" or "cruel," how in the world would people possibly view the...

Row vs wade is not when women starred having obortions its when women started living through obortions

@freespeechfreelancer I don't buy that bunk.

Numbers dont lie you dont have to purchase my point of view but women were having just as many obortions before the law passed and recorded obortion related deaths of fetus hosts droped dramatically so even though i don't support obortion because of the ending a childs life but in this case legislation stepped in were morals failed change minds with awareness not with law

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