People polarize politically by only finding articles credible that support their presumptions and pre-existing opinions. Being too proud of their unflappable opinions, they don't question their judgment of credibility, stockpile evidence in support of themselves, and reject the rest as biased, radical, and untrue. But the true way to approach a sound political opinion is to constantly question one's self and be more humble in one's opinion. One needs to critically question authenticity of sources regardless of what view they present, and actually be ready to change their opinions. Because nobody is like this, political debates and controversy never result in a change in opinion of either side, which is sad, stubborn, childish, and pointless. Until this changes, people will continue to be presumptuous, polarized, and stubborn, which is objectively worse for humanity as a whole.

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What I think is even worse is that it allows politicians to easily distract us from the real issues with red herrings.

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