Why is it so popular to hate our president? Why does society see him pretty much as hitler?

Where I'm from, people just out right hate Mr. Obama, not for the color of his skin, but of twisted conspiracies they hear.
But why is hating our president a common practice? Is it because of his race?

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Because most human beings have a hard time with personal responsibility. It's not up to any one man to run our country. It is up to each of us individually, to be involved, informed and proactive.

Good question. While president Obama is the current target and may be getting it the worst, it's not a new phenomena. Where I'm from many people out right hated president Bush.

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser men so full of doubts.”
-Bertrand Russell

There are so many things wrong with this country and the world, and it's hard not to get upset at times. I think under these conditions, fools or fanatics start sounding better and better to once reasonable people.

They are not conspiracies. Google the outright lies he has told us and promises he has broken. Also research major failures that have occurred on his watch. He has never taken ANY responsibility or accountability for any of his failures [Benghazi, Fast & Furious, NSA, IRS, Boston Marathon Bombing - to name a few of the more mentionables]. Those in D.C. have set themselves "above" the people that they are supposed to be serving. They also live by a different set of standards and rules than the ones "the people" have to live and play by.
Government is supposed to be "by the people, and for the people" - not our master, lord, or tyrant.
This administration vowed to be "the most transparent" of any in history, but the opposite is actually true.
Where I come from and the way I was raised, when someone lies to you, it is standard procedure NOT to trust or believe them. The President of all people, is to be an example of his words. That is how a great leader leads. But this man says one thing, and does exactly the opposite. While he is out on his never ending campaign trail telling the country that he is FOR the middle class, his policies and actions are destroying and undermining it. The health care law is just one current example. People are losing benefits already, companies are cutting workers to part time status, and many big companies are ending insurance coverage altogether. By doing this, the burden of coverage automatically shifts 100% upon the employee. At part time status, there is no way a person can afford to pay their bills - let alone, health care insurance. And there is NO free health care coming. If people who don't have it don't go out and get and pay for it, a nice big fat fine awaits them.
Also, because he is black, he was supposed to be the great unifier of this country and world peace. He has actually been the opposite on this issue as well. Our country is more divided than when he took office. The world and our foreign policies are as well. Your "Hitler" reference is that his policies are socialistic rather than capitalistic. He is leading us down the path of countries who have tried what he is trying - and it does not, has not, and will not work for ours.
The anger and disgust over this man's "leadership" are more than warranted and justified. And his approval ratings have steadily declined since his re-election.

God, I agree. People hate our president and are losing faith in our government. In the 1930's, FDR tried everything. Some things worked, others didn't but at least he made sure he tried. Obama's trying this healthcare thing, and it really has the potential to lift the tax burden off of states, its big, and most of us support the idea but are wary of supporting Obama all the way. Healthcare for all is admirable. We should support Obama, geez, I mean, what's so bad about being a little idealistic if it has the potential to change America for the better? We all need to take risks, especially those that may help us

@unreasonable God, I agree. People hate our president and are losing faith in our government. In the 1930's, FDR tried...

Nothing wrong with dreams and ideas that would bring betterment, but everything Obama has "tried" has failed. He is being beat up on because he was never a leader of anything. The nation took a risk on a complete novice with zero experience and handed him the keys and reins to the entire country! THAT is what I have never understood. Normally in any other company, business, corporation, or enterprise - people always look for the highest qualified individual to fill the top positions. The CEO's of companies have proven track records of success and many years of experience at what they do. Obama's only track record was of being a community organizer. But clearly, community organizing is NOT what it takes to lead a country - nor does it qualify a person to be an effective leader.
And keep in mind - this man promised to be the most transparent president in history, but he has actually been the most illusive and secretive. He still has all of his school records completely sealed and hidden from the public's viewing or knowledge. The ONLY reason someone would do that is if they are hiding something. I will personally allow anyone to see my college transcripts who asks, and am proud to show my 3.5 gpa and my Bachelor's Degree.

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