We kill people who kill people because killing people is bad.

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I think you're missing some important details

if someone is killing off your tribe
you're gonna retaliate and kill the offender
in order to protect the rest of the tribe

the offenders are bad people

but it's more than that
you wanna survive too
and you want your remaining tribe to survive

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If I was going to murder someone I would do it for safety. If I wanted revenge for murder I would torture the person, murder wouldn't make them feel the mental anguish that I feel. That would give them release from their nightmarish hell-hole of a life which is, literally, the last thing I'd do to them.

Death penalty is what we're talking about though, I'd assume. I've always thought that the death penalty is not primarily for revenge but safety of the people.

Ur not necessarily killing someone bc its bad. Its punishing them and showing others who may make the same mistake the outcome of it

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