What has been the most important lessons you have learnt from your mistakes?

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Do not answer the door at 3 in the morning.

To stop making mistakes

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. ”

One of mine is wasting my summer holidays doing unproductive shit. So lesson is spend your time wisely, devote it to refining yourself into becoming the person you to be, but also have balance in areas like your social,education, work life etc.

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Not to do that anymore

There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

that I must never ever trust a human being

never stop talking to someone just because someone else told you something!!

Don't lie. Just don't.

(unless your honest objective is to bring someone happiness e.g. surprise party)

don't get caught

@Haleyyxo18 don't get caught

I learned that it's better to get caught

it's actually a relief
so it doesn't have weigh you down

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