For some very odd and curious reason, the term "speedy trial" never seems to get around applying to terrorists. Amirite?

It can't be coincidence that once we finally catch a terrorist, we let them sit indefinitely in a cell without trial. The Fort Hood massacre happened in Nov. 2009, and Nadal Hassan was finally just convicted this year (and not as a terrorist I might add).
The Boston Marathon bombing was April 15 of this year. Has anyone heard anything else about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Sure, when he made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Any news about a trial or being brought to "justice?" Not that I am aware of. I just looked him up before this post, and his lawyers have actually asked the judge to lift restrictions placed on him in prison, feeling that his treatment is too "harsh." He is confined to his cell and has limited access to a small enclosed outdoor area.
I guess we are all supposed to feel sorry for him for blowing people's legs off and killing innocent runners. Our judicial system is completely backwards.

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Here is the link I referred to in the post. We "might" learn something further about his case in January.

Just found this link. Here is the real reason for the delay. His attorneys don't believe the death penalty should be sought in his case should he be found guilty. The message is clear: a terrorist SHOULD be allowed to kill innocent people without facing being killed himself.

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