We have computers, consoles, laptops, phones, smartphones and tablets. This things are great. We can pretty much do everything on them. Surf on the internet, take photos, play games, contact people and share stuff to friends. Now the reason why i wish we never had those things is because we spend too much time on them. Without these gadgets, we would have been alot more outside doing something like being with friends, family or playing football or other stuff people did when we had none of these things. My opinion :)

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I went in to a McDonald's last night. There were 8 people (customers) in there. Six of them were probably under 30, and every single one was on their smart phones doing whatever. The other 2 was a couple in there late 70's, and they were talking and admiring one another.
The technology has turned everyone in to screen staring zombies. And like you said, friends go in to restaurants, and all get on their phones as soon as they sit down and never talk to each other. It is really weird and almost eerie.

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