What was/is the greatest rock and roll band ever?

I know music is not a competition, and best is a very subjective term.

9% The Rolling Stones 15% Pink Floyd 12% Led Zeppelin 2% The Jimi Hendrix Experience 5% The Who 30% Queen 3% Van Halen 25% Other
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The fact that The Beatles weren't an option makes this question invalid.

@death_or_glory The fact that The Beatles weren't an option makes this question invalid.

I'm ashamed of that, but there are many great bands I left out because I didn't want to make the list too long.

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I don't know about best ever, but I like ZZTop

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Hmm, out of all those bands, I would not have expected Queen to be the highest

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I am the 3%.

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Pink Floyd is not bad either.

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I did not even know that existed! I have Pete Townshend's Lifehouse Elements album, which has solo versions of many songs from the Lifehouse project (including songs from Who's Next and Who Are You), as well as an orchestral rendition of "Baba O'Riley" and an euphoria-inspiring track toward the end called "Baba M1" that consists of the Baba-style synth in the context of dense harmonies.

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@MusicIsAGift I am the 3%.

Van Halen in part of the 3%

you are the 4%

@MusicIsAGift The 3% has become the 4%.

and you accuse me of witchcraft

for shame

just to clarify
I'm not accusing anyone

@MusicIsAGift Nobody is. It's all fun and games and witchcraft.

I know you weren't
but I had to clarify

I don't want anyone to burn you at the stake

I didn't want to be the one to even jokingly accuse someone of such heinous crimes

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Says Jimi Hendrix.

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I'll agree with you in that some of the best stuff in rock 'n' roll came out of Britain, but it isn't purely British.

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I'll give you that.


It's actually an American thing. Started with blues, then evolved from that. The British took very well to it however, and became incredibly infatuated with the sound. They took it and put their own style and culture in it, and aspired to mimic the American sound, and later spawned an insurgence of British born rock music, hence "British Invasion".

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Consistency. Never heard a bad Zep song. And yhey're tremendous live when Page wasn't strung out on heroin