One day, technology will be so advanced that Paralympic athletes will be stronger than, faster than, and put up better numbers than their Olympic counterparts. Think about it: titanium robotic limbs with superhuman strength that never tire, artificial lungs that are more efficient than our own, artificial hearts that pump blood more effectively that our own. It's all within the realm of possibility. What do we do then?

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Good point. However, hear me out:

As an example, look at Oscar Pistorius (before the girlfriend incident). He competed in the Olympics, and although he only made it past the qualifying round, he participated. The model of artificial legs that he used weren't "good enough". Now consider this: 5 years from now, those artificial legs (I think they were dubbed "Cheetahs") will have undergone massive improvements. Think about how much computers/iPods have improved over the last 5 years. Pair this new equipment with an exceptional Paralympic athlete, and things could get interesting.

Thanks for the comment.

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