Trying foreign terrorists in American Courts is a waste of time and money. Amirite?

It makes no sense to me. If someone is NOT an American citizen, why should our Courts be giving them a "fair" trial? They all plead not guilty, and their trials are dragged out endlessly. The cost is astronomical.
Why capture them if we are going to try them as American citizens? We know they are terrorists or we would not be going after them to begin with.

Libyan terrorism suspect to appear before judge in New YorkWASHINGTON — U.S. prosecutors say they will bring a captured Libyan terrorism suspect before a judge in New York on Tuesday in a test of the Obama administration's stepped-up effort to use criminal trials, not drone strikes and military prisons, to punish international terrorists.http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-liby-arrest-20131015,0,2955846.story
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I think the reason is that they're still human, and the rule of innocent until proven guilty still applies. You don't have to be a citizen for that. It would be unfair to convict someone without giving them a fair trial. What if they're innocent? What if this person is being framed by the real terrorist? It makes sense to give a trial.

When Bush suspended habeas corpus, many innocent people were in jail without trial. There were there without any evidence. Many were law abiding citizens who were accused. This makes the system weak because innocents are held captive. It makes the system look bad as well. Anybody would say such a system is unfair and cruel. Terrorists are the ones who should be convicted, not innocent people who were profiled.

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It's true

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