Blocking someone on Amirite does not end their right to speak - it only exercises your right not to listen. Amirite?

It would be interesting to know who has ever blocked someone on this site. I will speak out first - YES, I have.
Are we really obligated to listen to every single thing someone has to say? I think not. If you determine that someone's speech is not healthy for YOU, or that your dialogue with someone is not productive, then blocking them is appropriate. If they were standing in front of you, you could turn and walk away. On a social site, you can either leave the site or block the person you can't seem to get along with.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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"your dialogue with someone is not productive" sounds very familiar.

Well u seem to be a person who likes to argue. it seems kinda unlike u to block someone.

like, ususally u just argue with them until they shut up. what was different when you blocked someone.

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