When you're in a public bathroom about to take a crap and somebody walks in to pee, you always hold it in until they leave so they won't hear anything.

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I don't usually take dumps in public bathrooms
I use public bathrooms literally about 2 times a year

it just don't work for me

the only reason I use it on an average of 3 times a year is because of emergencies (ex: diarrhea)

and when it's an emergency
I'm not holding anything in

when I was younger
the number wasn't 2 times a year
it was closer to zero

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@Thatguy Thanks for giving me such an vivid picture of your yearly shits.

you're welcome

oh by the way
your post is much more detailed than my comment

at least I didn't talk about the process or my method of defecating

I talked about surface things for informational purposes

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@Thatguy Sir, I was serious.

I thought that was sarcasm

no one I know thanks me for telling them the annual, average number of times I have a bowel movements in public restrooms

of course
I would never bring it up unless asked
or if the information was relevant

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Don't be that guy.

@PhilboydStudge Don't be that guy.

he's already been that guy for years
unless he recently changed his username

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@Thatguy I used to be Aguy.

oh cool
you upgraded

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@fuzala oh cool you upgraded

If by upgraded you mean that they killed off the rest of the guys and now i'm the one and only guy, then yes.

I barely poop in public bathrooms. I wait until I'm home. I just find it uncomfortable.

nah thats stupid

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