Ok, Google has officially crossed the line. I was very annoyed when they kept asking me to use my full name on youtube. I didn't want to do it because I liked my username and have had it for years. I also didn't want my full name seen like that. Not only do they ask you to change to your full name, but when you say no they pretty much treat you like you don't know what you want. " ok, we'll ask you again later." No, don't ask me again later, I already gave you my answer. So today I got asked again, and somehow it tricked me into thinking I was saying no when it really meant " We'll let you keep your username but we'll also make an account with your full name". So I was like " Crap, oh well at least I still have my username account. I don't have to use the full name one". I go on both of them and find that all of my favorites, history, playlists, subscriptions EVERYTHING has been deleted. These are things that I have built up for years and they just got rid of them? Yeah google you never said you were going to do that, and I bet you think it's no big deal that you just erased everything with this "name change" crap that you kept pushing on us users. It was stupid to try to push using our full names to begin with. Some people name their channels specifically based on the subject matter. And not everyone wants people on google + to know about their youtube channels. I don't use google + but I am speaking for people who do.

Ugh, I just can't believe that hundreds of videos and subscriptions are gone.

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They seem to be mad that their google+ idea didn't shoot off like they wanted so now they're forcing every youtube user into it.

Does anyone else see a parallel with current events here?

Maybe their company motto is no longer "Don't be evil".

I'm really starting to hate google.I think I'll switch to bing.

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I will.And in the process, since I'm the universe,I might delete google from the universal system so it will never exist anymore.(evil laugh)hahahahahahahahahahaha

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That's some bullllshit

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Stop trying to make Fetch (read 'Google+) happen. It's not going to happen!

All I could think of upon seeing this comment

That annoyed the shit out of me. I mean on one hand, it does get rid of a few trolls who hid behind usernames on YouTube, but now, every comment I make can be traced to my Google+ account which can then be traced back to me. If somebody's bothered enough, they can just search my name and find me.

I also hate having all my stuff linked to one account. I like multiple accounts. I don't care about the convenience to check all my stuff in one place.

I'm sure that it was horrible for others, but I don't really care about the changes.