Guys I have a question? I wrote down on a piece of paper who are my top 10 friends in my class. The. I selected 4 I would date (girls). The who I would kiss which came to 3. The who I would marry? One of the is hot, pretty, skinny, and smart ans i love her personality. The other one is Pretty, smart and has nice breast and love her personality. The other one is hot really sexy big breast, nice, good personality and I had a wet dream of her... So would u help me chose

29% 1st 0% 2nd 0% 3rd 71% Other
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Whoa whoa whoa. You're thinking about marriage right now?

@Wunderscore You literally said "who will I marry?"

Who will I marry like truth or dare or other games I know I would not marry them. But I said I would if older but I'm not planning to

@Wwzbja12 No I'm not I'm 13 this happens to me. Puberty

You said that you were 11 around 2 months ago.

Also, please try to proofread your posts as I literally have no idea what you are talking about.

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