Obama: The first black president in America's history and yet decides to deliberately diss the 150th Anniversary of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Just another perfectly clear example of a man showing the country by his example who and what he is really all about. Amirite?

Abraham Lincoln gave blacks Abolition of Slavery. You would think that a black president, of all black people, would want to show gratitude and appreciation for such a great memory. Lincoln gave blacks their freedom and Obama gives the country more and more tyranny. What an odd twisted way to say thank you.
I read multiple news accounts of this story, and his schedule was not even full. He could have easily attended and given a speech. He goes out of his way to go and be anywhere in the world he chooses to. And sorry, but Obummacare is NOT more important than the milestone of ending slavery in this country! If you still THINK Obama is a leader, think again.

Gettysburg snub: Why Obama's skipping 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s addresshttp://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/11/19/gettysburg-snub-why-obamas-skipping-150th-anniversary-of-lincolns-address-87390
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No one gives a fart. Get a real topic.

The Gettysburg Address was a very minor speech with little to no impact on the country at the time. It certainly had no influence on politics of the day or on shaping the history of future events. At the time it was a poor attended "non-event."

The speech itself is well know to school children because it is eloquently written and easy to recite. It is one historical speech that uses simple words, and is easily understood, so it makes a great learning tool for grade-schoolers. The giving of the speech was not a major event by most accounts heard by less than by a few dozen people at the dedication that actually bothered to get close enough to Lincoln to even hear the speech.

If every president celebrated every minor speech ever given all they would do is spend their time celebrating speeches.

This is a non-issue and you and your trashy right-wing whine rags are asses for trying to make it a big deal. If your sources really understood history and current issues they would not waste your time (or ours) on this petty crap.

@ErasmusB_FurmanSmall No one gives a fart. Get a real topic. The Gettysburg Address was a very minor speech with little to no...

If no one gives a fart, then why did you bother to waste your drivel on it? I am glad it meant so little to you - another self appointed "expert" of nothing.
Thank you for throwing out your trivial pathetic labels my way and showing us who the REAL ass is.

I'm no Obama fan, but this seems like a reach.

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