It is annoying when people still believe in hoaxes and rumors even after they have been disproven (nothing to do with any religion so no hate)

Sometimes tere are hoaxes that go around, often photoshopped pictures or faked evidence. Some people still believe in these hoaxes, even after they were disproved.

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But some of those so called "hoaxes" are the real deal, and those in power do their best to make the masses THINK or believe none of it is real. The current administration is masterful at this very deception. Remember recently hearing from the Commander himself that the "so called" scandals surrounding his administration were "not real?"

I am talking more about ones that have been disproven, like that one with the fairies that turned out to be cutouts placed in a certain way on the photo that made then look real

it doesn't annoy me
if someone wants to believe in Big Foot
that is her/her prerogative

a belief that would bother me is one that involved discrimination

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My only issue with this is that often times, there is no proof against the hoax. Take Bigfoot for example.

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