IF every group fought equally hard for the differences of every other group, then and only then, would true equality be realized or achieved. Amirite?

This is really what is missing in all of the division that we see in society. Each and every group has their little agenda, and does everything they can to protect it. The ONLY way this will ever change is if one group can look at another's differences, and decide to fight with them just as hard as they do to protect their own group. It could work - but are we humans capable of setting aside all prejudice and barriers to actually make it happen?

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This just hit me pretty hard last night, so I am toying with the whole concept. Theoretically, I probably should, but then there are all those little things called morals, principles, and biases that have been pounded in to each and every one of us while growing up.
Probably my best concession at this immediate point would be to say I won't fight FOR them, but I wouldn't fight against them.
And curiously, are those 2 groups fighting for any conservative groups, Christianity, or pro life? If not, why? What is it that keeps the groups so set against each other?
That was the crux of my post - to draw attention to the matter and see if others would share insight.

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I guess your point is well taken in that if I began fighting for yours and you began fighting for mine, then ultimately, there would still be disagreements.
And really, all that needs to happen is that EVERYONE should somehow be able to have the same equal rights on any and every issue WITHOUT one group's views dominating or prevailing over another's.
I am sure it is much like the concept of world peace - nice ideal, but practically and realistically unattainable.

If every group would STOP fighting period, then we could have the possibility of eliminating "groups" all together.

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