There's nothing wrong with straight guys wearing dresses, amirite?

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Of course it's okay. They can wear whatever they want.

Aimzs avatar Aimz Yeah You Are +43Reply
@Aimz Of course it's okay. They can wear whatever they want.

I get bitched at when I wear my "Nothing better than beating a woman" shirt in public though. Especially when I wear it to women's shelters to volunteer.

I bet wearing a dress would let their dangley parts enjoy a nice breeze.

Thumpers avatar Thumper Yeah You Are +29Reply

Oh fuck you down voters.

Brettward95s avatar Brettward95 Yeah You Are +29Reply

Yet it's completely acceptable for women to wear traditionally male clothes and no one bats an eye. no smilie

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Yeah I know, I hate that shit.

Though, tbh with you I think the blame lies with both genders. Men may have started this, but, even still, women help to perpetuate it. (Though this doesn't apply to all men and women, obviously.)

Cuban_Bs avatar Cuban_B Yeah You Are +8Reply
Cuban_Bs avatar Cuban_B Yeah You Are +2Reply

It's okay but regardless but whether it's right or wrong, people ARE going to judge him.

Anonymous +16Reply

Why should any one care? He's not naked. It's not like he's going around traumatising young children with nudity. So why not wear some 'girly' clothing? Men were the first to wear make up, now it's a 'girly' thing and any one who does it gets laughed at. Children up to the age of nine of both genders (at least in Britain) if their parents were well off wore dresses.

So why shouldn't anyone express who they are through fabric, no matter what shape it's cut into, whether it confines or flows free. And why should what you wear lead to judgements about your sexual orientation, your culture or your intelligence? And, who gives a shit what other people think anyway. Clearly they don't know you, and so they don't have a right to make you feel bad about yourself over a piece of material...

ashbashcrasheds avatar ashbashcrashed Yeah You Are +16Reply

On halloween....

My guy friends and I cross dress annually to raise money for cancer, true story.

It's just fabric, there's nothing wrong with it

freddos avatar freddo Yeah You Are +7Reply

Like I honestly don't give a fuck. No fucks at all. If a dude wants to wear a dress, go for it. It doesn't affect me at all.
Though he has to understand that while he shouldn't be judged for what he is going to do, he probably will because our society is like that.

midnightcookiess avatar midnightcookies Yeah You Are +7Reply

Good luck getting a lady that way

Anonymous +4Reply
@Good luck getting a lady that way

Unless they're lesbian and mistake you for a girl...

Can we stop gender norms please? If a guy wants to wear a dress, he should be able to do that. Jesus Christ.

Especially because it can show off their sexy legs.

SpearmintMilks avatar SpearmintMilk Yeah You Are +1Reply

Why not? I'm actually surprised this is downvoted tbh

omgeetoasts avatar omgeetoast Yeah You Are 0Reply

kurt cobain did<3

Anonymous -2Reply
@kurt cobain did<3

He also shot himself in the head.

@kurt cobain did<3

Because suicide just invalidates everything you've succeeded in life. Hey, that guy cured cancer? Well he shot himself in the head, so that makes him a stupid nutjob.

sparesecondss avatar spareseconds Yeah You Are +26Reply
@kurt cobain did<3

I thought we were giving random facts about Kurt Cobain. I wasn't making any judgements on character.

....his daughter's middle name is Bean.

@kurt cobain did<3

Fair enough.

He was also a heroine addict though. So maybe he was a nutjob.

@kurt cobain did<3

That is fine. I don't see the connection between cross dressing and suicide. Suit yourself.

@kurt cobain did<3

I honestly was just stating that he shot himself in the head. I really don't care if straight men wear dresses. I don't like it, but I'm not going to do anything about it.

I found the first comment from two years ago to be silly. So I said what I thought of the second I read it.

You took what I said way too seriously.

@kurt cobain did<3

Alright, I'll take your word for it then, that that statement had no other meaning.

Even if I did take it "too seriously" all I did was state my opinion on the matter. You did the same, after all.

sparesecondss avatar spareseconds Yeah You Are +2Reply
@kurt cobain did<3

I didn't compare curing cancer to cross dressing, I compared curing cancer to creating great music.

It simply appeared to me that she was trying to discredit all that Kurt Cobain did (be it making music or wearing a dress) by saying he shot himself. Why else would that random fact be inserted? Does that not sound like it was made out to discredit Kurt Cobain? Sounds like you chose that specific fact for a reason, that's all.

I don't know what other intention that comment had in the context. If notmuchnotmuch could explain that to me, I'll apologize for reading it wrong, then.

sparesecondss avatar spareseconds Yeah You Are +1Reply
@kurt cobain did<3

I'm having some doubts that the specific fact you provided was not in any way intended to invalidate his dress-wearing.

sparesecondss avatar spareseconds Yeah You Are 0Reply
@kurt cobain did<3

Maybe it's because you find both those actions to be stupid.

sparesecondss avatar spareseconds Yeah You Are 0Reply
@kurt cobain did<3

Actually that's exactly what it does. It makes them and everything they are pathetic

Anonymous -30Reply

Honestly, the only problem I would have would be if it ws tight and showing some shapes, or if it was too short and showing some stuff, but other than that I'm fine with it.

SuperSukhs avatar SuperSukh Yeah You Are -2Reply

To me, it seems that wearing a dress is conforming to the typical "who's the male or female in this relationship" concept.

Maybe they should come out of the closet that stores all of their dresses.

Anonymous -14Reply
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